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2004-08-20 18:33:24
I'm running 4.4 on a liquid cooled dually of mine and it's run for some hours with auto-send results disabled.  I have way to tight a firewall to allow that.  I turned the firewall off for a bit to run the manualsend.bat file and it seemed to work fine and said it was finished after only some seconds.  I closed the window but I have no sendlog.log file.  Is this a problem?

BTW: My results.txt file emptied during the send and my results.dat is at 1,785kb after the 10 hours or so of processing.
2004-08-20 23:33:55
Did a dialog box pop-up saying results sent?  If it did then just wait for your stats to update if not then you can copy your entire results.dat into your existing results.txt and resend them.
2004-08-21 03:54:10
I got a 'results successfully sent dialogue.  I also have some stats now too.  Just curious if the lack of a sendlog was a problem to worry about.
2004-08-21 04:00:40
OK...This time I did a manualsend and I do have a sendlog file.  One entry inside.  I think the problem sorted itself out Confused
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