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2004-09-27 01:10:43
Hi there!

I just wondered, if it would be possible to show a small info table on the game page, that shows the number of players by browser, that are on the site at the moment.  It shouldn't be very difficult - you just need to log every hit on the site, get the IP and browser and write that info into the db if the IP isn't logged already.  If you delete all records that are older than let's say 10 minutes, it should work properly...

I think this info would be very useful!  Many users don't play if they see that the last moves on each board have been made several hours ago.  But if they see, that other users are there - for example of the browser that made these last moves - they would start playing, too.

Also you could see, how many players of your own browser are playing at the moment.  If there are too many, it wouldn't make much sense to start playing, too...
Stephen Brooks
2004-09-28 03:26:04
Yes, that would be a good idea.  The history limit of 10 minutes means the logs would be managable too.
Stephen Brooks
2004-10-13 15:30:21
I've just put something of the sort on there now.  It shows 'who' in terms of browsers has been looking at each board within the last 10 minutes.
2004-10-13 23:42:28
thx a lot!

But it seems that there's a small bug in the script!  Most of the icons don't show correctly.  At the moment there's a link to "board firefox" with many corrupt images on the right followed by a link to "board 4" and a mozilla icon...

Another bug can be seem on board 1 and 6. On these boards some empty tiles of the games are missing...

It looks as if your script creates a corrupt HTML file... - could be a small bug only...
2004-10-14 01:48:21
Well, I found out something more!  The only problem with the icons is this "board firefox" - on every other board that is shown, the icons work well - only if a firefox enters the site, a "board firefox" appears followed by corrupt icons for every firefox hit on the site.

The missing tiles in board 1 and 6 are always beginning in the seoond column and above the line with the highest browser-symbol on the board - so the whole upper left corner of those two games are hidden...
Stephen Brooks
2004-10-14 13:01:57
I will see what goes on when FireFox gets involved...
Stephen Brooks
2004-10-14 13:10:58
I downloaded FireFox and went to a board.  Nothing out of the ordinary happens.
2004-10-15 03:01:06
hmm - strange... I don't think that I have something special in my firefox... - there are a few plugins, but none of them should make such strange things.

Other players see these corrupt icons, too!  But it seems to be no global firefox problem, because the icons of another firefox that's on the board at the moment, work well...
When I'm playing, no icons of my browser appear, it's only these corrupt icons behind a link to "board firefox". The icons are named unknown80134180162_s.png - maybe that helps...

BTW: The boards with the missing tiles seemed to be ok some minutes ago, but now it's the same problem again...
2004-10-15 07:20:03
I'm now trying it at home and here I don't have these problems with firefox - the site works fine...

So it must be a problem with one of the plugins or with the internet connection at work.

I'll try to find out what's the difference between my settings at home and at work...

BTW: I'm the <Alex> from above - I just registered to the board tomake it easier Wink
Stephen Brooks
2004-10-16 09:00:48
I've put in some code to stop commas appearing in places where they shouldn't in the CSV log I'm using for this.
Stephen Brooks
2004-10-16 09:14:53
Also found what had gone wrong with occasional boards missing squares... For boards of width 10, I had an image for an entire row of small blank cells.  Recently I'd put in CSS widths and heights for the images so they'd display better in some browsers, but forgot about those.
Stephen Brooks
2004-10-17 13:37:33
Username feature is also now integrated with the "who's online" and chatboards.
2004-10-17 23:40:01
Thx a lot for these great improvements.  Unfortunately there are some bugs in there.

I wrote my name into the box and clicked OK - so the name appeared left of my firefox icon on top of the page.  But unfortunately it doesn't appear left of my messages on the boards.  Well, with other firefoxes this doesn't happen, so it maybe an issue with my version or the plug ins again...

Another bug is the following: I've seen a netscape user playing on board 12 while there wasn't a 12 on the right of that players icon...

Finally I have an idea on the user name feature.  Would it be a big effort to make the user name unique and save it with a password like it's done in the forum?  So nobody else could use your name...
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