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2004-10-05 03:41:24
Hi, I'm lookking to try muon on up to 40 off-line PCs.  The can crunch but not upload so here's the question.

Is it possible to just copy all the off-line results.txt into a single one, take it to a net-connected PC and send them in one go?

What's this copying of results.txt into results.dat process?  Should that be the big new super results.txt copied onto every instance of muon as results.dat?

Any help or pointers to FAQs greatly appreciated.
Stephen Brooks
2004-10-05 04:18:17
Muon1 logs results to results.txt and results.dat simultaneously.  The idea is that results.txt gets periodicially flushed and sent (so only contains results since the last send) whereas results.dat is the database of everything that the program learns from.  Sample files are merged with results.dat.

For what you want to do, simply take all the results.txt files away from the individual offline machines, merge them into one long file (though make sure you get the linefeeds OK in between files) and then send using e.g. manualsend.bat from an online machine.
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