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2004-10-06 05:28:43
I run cmdline version of Muon.

After each upload, results.txt is deleted, but results.dat keep growing.
As I don't want to use to much disk space on my machine, does it make a difference for next runs if I delete results.dat file after upload ?

P.S. : I'm french (sorry Big Grin).  Can I find some articles about Muon in french somewhere ?
2004-10-06 08:40:01
Don't apologise for being French Smile

If you clear results.dat, you will always be starting from scratch instead of building on previously discovered stuff.

On a slight sidenote, can anyone advise on the wisdom of routinely combining all the results.dat files from a farm and distributing the new file to each node so that the farm benefits from the collective knowledge?
2004-10-06 10:02:08
[TNT]Toutouf, if your computer is connected to the internet and the client downloads sample files (default option), then you can safely delete your results.dat every once in a while.
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