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2004-10-06 17:00:34
Hi.  For Seti and Boinc exits stat banners.  Here an example:

But i can`t finds something like this four muon.  Have someone make a php script to make a banner?
Stephen Brooks
2004-10-11 04:47:05
What, like this one?
2004-10-11 06:29:56
Are we all allowed to use that link with our username on other boards as well?

Stephen Brooks
2004-10-11 06:45:16
Yes, that's what I made it for.  The image URL is
and you could even put it inside a hyperlink so it goes to the muon page (or your team's page) when you click it.
2004-10-12 03:23:40
Great.  Thanks.
2004-10-12 04:03:33
2004-10-12 04:05:58
Top 200 here I come...
2004-10-12 15:48:31
My rank doesnt seem to be right... according to the stats page I'm on place 515
2004-10-12 17:02:41
2004-10-12 17:18:25
test again....
2004-10-12 18:01:21
Originally posted by JSA2:
test again....

guys...i hate to be a noob...but could someone pls put the correct way to get my banner to work, step by step....I unfort know a hell of a lot more about servers then i do about html...and i rarely use the
2004-10-12 22:51:36
JSA2 this is your banner.
2004-10-12 22:54:32

How is the ranking for the banner calculated?  The rank from the stats page, and the banner link are quite different.


[my banner]
2004-10-13 01:26:11
JSA2: To get your banner to show up you need to do this

(img)http:\\whatever your banner is(/img)

Except replace the round brackets with square ones.

Stephen: A lot of people still have inconsistent stats.  Have you figured out what's going on yet?
2004-10-13 03:32:22
I'm guessing that the ranking is inclusive of inactive accounts which the stats page no longer show.  So shouldn't be any problems with the ranking.
Stephen Brooks
2004-10-13 05:36:57
I might get the main stats page to show ranks as out of everyone rather than (or as well as) the users active within the last month.  If you select "ever" at the top instead of last "month", you'll get consistent ranks.
2004-10-13 15:33:33

2005-11-12 02:09:58
Main stats page (Show users active ever) gives me a current ranking of 852, but the stats banner gives 850. Which is correct?

Stephen Brooks
2005-11-12 16:38:30
Yes.  I noticed this too - it doesn't occur for higher ranks, so there must be 2 users somewhere between #100 and #850 that are counted in one but not the other for some reason.  Could be them putting funny characters in their names.  I'll have to check it out... possibly tomorrow morning!
Stephen Brooks
2005-12-05 09:05:42

One script was loading usernames with the rtrim() function, removing whitespace from the right-hand end.  The other was loading with the trim() function, removing it from both ends.  They now both use trim().  Apparently "[DPC]Team Elst~FlyingDutchman" and "perictone" are in there more than once with varying numbers of leading spaces in their names.  In fact I should merge that out before it gets as far as rawstats/simplestats.txt...
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