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2004-10-15 05:55:30
Hi, everyone in the project!
First, i'd like to excuse for my bad english, as i'm not a native english-speaker, i have only learned it. 
Second; i am from the 'Russia TSC' team, calculating in another distributed (medical-) projects like TSC and FAD.  Sometimes I (we) intention to find new projects, be there and to explain to the team the aims, achievements, easyness and comprehensiveness of the installation, soft, targets, etc, etc... How much weight does have one "task" and, from your experience, how many during one day a computer needs to be connected to the server.  (for example, i have athlon xp 2000MHz).
I've been here for some days, visiting the site.  I don't consider myself stupid, but i coudn't find the _complete_ explanation on the site of the goals and those things i wrote before.  If i missed the page and they are, could you please, put a link to the page!  Also, in the statistic, there are enough difficult to be undestood ... eh, "things", like 'Mpts', 'best moun' (what does it mean "best"?), 'Res/h', 'PI', 'Muon %'... etc & etc...
Thank you all a lot!
Good hunting and have a nice day!
2004-10-15 14:56:10
I've been crunching for this project for a while, and I still don't know what some of the terms mean.  I can explain a few of them for you though:

Mpts: This stands for Million Particle Time Steps.  A particle time step is basically calculating the progress of a muon over 0.01 nanoseconds.  It is the basic measure of the work you've done for the project.

Best Muon: The goal of this project is to design a better particle accelerator.  You download the program, and it contains basic info about the accelerator.  Then when you run it, it generates a possible design for q specific component and calculates the passage of muons through it.  "best muon %" is the best design you've come up with ie.  the design that transmits the highest percentage of muons.

Hopefully that helps a little,
2004-10-22 20:13:16
Hi, Vaga!

Doing TSC and FAD, huh?  Smile

This project is a little out of the way.  Not related to medical research, like the UD agent, TSC and FAD.

I don't know about what is going on, since I joined early on, just for fun, but I can say this project works well with the UD Agent, if you run this project at the lowest priority.  In the Config.txt file, I have it set as:

Priority for background running ([N]ormal, [L]ow, [B]ackground): B
2004-10-23 01:27:06
Originally posted by Vaga:
'Res/h', 'PI', 'Muon %'... etc & etc...
Thank you all a lot!
Good hunting and have a nice day!

Res/h - Short form for results per hour.  Which means the number of result your client can produce in 1 hour.

PI - Which page did you see this from?  The only PI I know is the value 22/7.
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