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2002-05-27 14:09:43
I seam to be getting 0 %age results with version 4.05 as follows:

0.000000 (20936 particles) [v4.05] {E416DD6E}
0.000000 (20936 particles) [v4.05] {E416DD6E}

If anyone else is running v4.05 I suggest you check your result files to see if you are getting the same


Orbi cool
2002-05-27 14:27:14
Hi Orbi,
first of your examples is very near to Top#4 of last Top100sb, looks like a smooth mutation.  It should give a result > 2%. Obviously thereĀ“s happening some "nonsense" !
Bye red face
2002-05-27 16:14:22
As a result of the above bug it has been found that all 4.0x versions had a misaligned simulation so all the results are invalid.  Details on the muon web page.


Orbi cool
Stephen Brooks
2002-05-30 12:08:19
Version 4.1 is now released and has hopefully corrected this bug.

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