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Tony De Leenheir
2004-10-23 10:35:45
I know someone who doesnt mind running muon but I would like to know: Is there a function within Muon that keeps it updated?  Cos that person doesnt know much about computers and is not gonna be able to update muon by himself...
2004-10-23 11:40:02

You have to download the new version and use it.

Not a big deal for me.  I just wait until the program sends the result file, then stop the program in Task Manager.  Then I move the User.txt file from the old muon1 folder to the new muon1 folder and start the new muon1 program.

I do open the Config.txt file and set the priority to [B]ackground: B. Smile

You can move other files over, too.  For example, you can move the Sendlog file.  The rest of the stuff gets updated anyway, so I don't bother moving them.
2004-10-23 15:41:53
Personally I think an auto-update feature would be great!  I'm not sure how much extra work that would cause Stephen to have to put into it, but I would imagine that it wouldn't be too difficult as it would be similar to grabbing the latest updated samples.  Maybe an extra little .exe file in there that will shut down the muon1.exe process and copy over the old with the new and relaunch the new version.  Could set it up to check for new versions each time you upload your results, that way there wouldn't be a mass server chock on his side as people's systems would be checking in around once a day or so on average.  Then again maybe I'm simplifying this way too much and it's just not possible without doing a whole overhaul of it.  Razz
Stephen Brooks
2004-10-23 16:07:43
Auto-update is something I've been considering.  Some people prefer to download the program themselves for security reasons, so it would be off by default, but it ought to be possible.  I guess to use the feature you'd have to either have winRAR installed (so I could call that from the commandline to extract stuff) or I could save on download size by having a 'patch' system that only stores diffs of one version from the previous.

It's probably a feature for 2005 rather than this year, but is likely to be put in eventually.
2004-10-23 23:21:39
Why dont you make the archive executable so that you wont need an external archiver?  Looks a lot simpler to me Wink
2004-10-24 00:49:18
Would be great to have.
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