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Stephen Brooks
2004-10-27 08:37:10
After waiting a while for it to be published and then for it to be published on the web, I can finally give you a link to the article I wrote about Muon1 back in June.
2004-10-27 11:04:15
Ok a bit short the article.  But why wasn't the a link on the site to lead to the DPAD website in case anyone is interested in participating?
Stephen Brooks
2004-10-27 13:13:12
The length was specified to me beforehand.  As for the URL, I put that in the article and it was still there when I'd finished talking to the editor about it, but for some reason they saw fit to remove it again without telling me.  Probably just to save a line of space or something in the magazine.
2004-10-27 18:17:09
Well, congrats anyhow!

Big Grin
2004-10-27 22:00:38
Nice artilce.
I bookmarked it so I can use it as a reference when I'm going to update the DPC DPAD FAQ.  Your explaination of the project seems to be clearer than mine.
2004-10-28 08:58:41
Well it doesn't really matter about the link I guess only stuffy theologist read the magazine anyway.  For those who are really interesting in look for a distributed computing project will be able to find it on Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects. I found your site from there after looking for another project to work on besides SETI.
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