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Stephen Brooks
2004-10-29 06:49:34
I generated this (mainly for my reference) but I thought you might find it interesting: shows how long new versions take before they are installed on the majority of PCs.  I was interested in this case because v4.41b causes excess traffic on my website whereas v4.41f does not, but it looks like plenty of the new version will be installed by next month.

The time ticks are 1/200th of a year (the range shows the whole of 2004).
Tony De Leenheir
2004-10-29 10:42:08
any idea how long the results of the current version will be accepted?
Stephen Brooks
2004-10-29 11:05:50
They'll be accepted as long as I don't have to radically overhaul the stats system in such a way that accepting old results would be a problem.  I designed the current system to be able to accept most of the sorts of thing I'd expect to be processing in the next year or so.

However, you'll have to upgrade anyway because future lattices may have a directive in them saying that they can only be processed with above a certain version (due to using components only available in that version, for example).  It's not always about 'accepting' results but more of whether you can process the current lattices.  If you switch 'download lattice files' off, you may be able to stick with very old ones, but they'll be of little use if I've stopped the bulk of the project from working on them
Tony De Leenheir
2004-10-29 17:10:44
I was just asking because i somethimes ask people who dont know much abput pcs if i can install muon on their computer.  But since muon doesnt update itself... i was just wondering...
2004-10-29 18:34:11
I'm surprised that people are still using v4.31 and v4.32.
Stephen Brooks
2004-10-30 06:31:40
I've occasionally suspected that sometimes people install Muon1 on some computers and then forget that they've done it (or forget to uninstall), because there seem to be regular results coming in from a few people who have said they've left to do other projects!  That would also tie in with the background level of old versions' results.
2004-11-28 09:28:28
How are 'f' and 'g' coming along?
Stephen Brooks
2004-11-28 10:30:19
I checked again a week or so ago and the 'f' version is taking over quite nicely.  'g' won't be widely distributed until I use it as something other than a debug version for 'f'. (Though in fact having it as that has already found one bug in it that is now fixed, so I might do that more often).
Stephen Brooks
2004-11-29 07:23:56
Here is a newer one:
2005-01-15 07:06:43
Stehpen, any newer graph on this data?  From a computer usage standpoint, it is interesting to watch the progression of client installations.
Stephen Brooks
2005-01-18 08:10:14

It seems that a lot of people are happy with v4.41b right now and haven't changed client, though I think 4.41f is coming into the majority.
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