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2004-11-01 21:55:12
I have just a little question about the whole process.  If you create a surrounding temperature of about 2K then should a superconductor function much better.  So there should be better results.  Is this possible in this project?
2004-11-03 18:46:42
Hehe, you would certainly need one hell of an Air Conditioner.
2004-11-03 22:10:20
You could try it on small scale first Wink

I thought CERN is also busy with trying low temperatures on a particle project.
Stephen Brooks
2004-11-04 07:54:07
The solenoids are in fact superconducting and will each have their own cryogenic cooling flowing through them.  I'm not sure if we're cooling them as far as 2K though.  They can reach higher fields at lower temperatures but unfortunately it also becomes more and more expensive to get them that cold.
2004-11-04 18:50:08
Cool them till they turn to Bose-Einstein condensates.  That should be interesting...
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