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2002-08-17 07:17:32
One member of ARS' team has a question which I have no answer.  Hopefully you guys & gals can help.
[ARS]kenlow has some machines which are running Windows 98 and he wants to know how to run client even after the user logs out of the PC.  Firedemon only works with NT/2K/XP.  ANy program similar to Firedeamon that will work with Win98 ?

Intel P3-M 866 MHz
Duron 1000 MHz
XP 1600+ @ 2000+
2002-08-17 08:39:03
That's not possible to run the muon client as a service under 98.
On the other hand, logging on and off under Windows 98 is not at least a bit of security!  Think about changing the os to 2000 or XP.

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2002-08-17 10:20:37
it is not an option as these machines are a part of a corporate "farm" and Win98 is what they use at this company.
ANY way of running muon at logon screen?

EDIT, Dooohhhhh......
well the trick that I had in FAQ and thought that was working only with Win2k+ works with Win98

5x AMD XPs are coming to ARS Team Atomic Milkshake, courdesy of [ARS]Kenlow smile

This brings me to the following request.

Stephen, in your Team Statistics page, can you change "ARS Technica" to "ARS Technica Team Atomic Milkshake" ?

Intel P3-M 866 MHz
Duron 1000 MHz
XP 1600+ @ 2000+

[This message was edited by odessit on 2002-Aug-17 at 17:32.]
Stephen Brooks
2002-08-18 04:50:09
Stats stuff for ARS is now sorted.  cool
2002-08-18 07:45:37
Stephen, thanks a lot smile

Intel P3-M 866 MHz
Duron 1000 MHz
XP 1600+ @ 2000+
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