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2004-11-05 11:37:33
I can't get anything to load on any of the stats pages.

Are they dead?  Did someone break them?

Can someone fix them?  I need my fix!

Stephen Brooks
2004-11-05 15:09:50
Well there have been some irregularities, but from what I can gather, it's actually the FTP uploads of the raw stats files to my site that are failing.  If you go to you might even see the _graphs_ are updating, but the stats are not there!  I will try to fix this on Monday.
2004-11-05 18:13:02
Don't know how dead is dead, but the stats pages are just saying No Users instead of the usual 'frozen' state they succumb to every few days.
Stephen Brooks
2004-11-07 07:11:23
The stats just did that creepy "fixing themselves with no human intervention" thing again.
2004-11-07 22:11:11
You'll need some advanced stats excorsism there, I suppose Wink
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