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2004-11-15 18:54:49
I downloaded a program that basically when im idle on my computer sits here, and thinks up random designs for a particle accelerator, and runs simulations for said particle accelerator.  These results (design, efficiency) are then transmitted to the server here.  is this correct?  and does any one wanna elaborate?
2004-11-15 22:19:40
Basically that's right.  Also, depending on whether or not you've disabled the option in config.txt, you will from time to time receive a lost of top results back from the server.  This allows the program to test designs around more successful ones in order to get more efficient designs quicker.

Hope that helps.

2004-11-19 05:17:35
JLobes, another feature is that when an "optimization" routine stops improving (no real progress after a week or two), Stephen will create a new or modified optimization and it automatically propagates.  For example, ChicaneLinacB stopped improving, so we are now running ChicaneLinacB90.

The overall modular process lets us work on different areas of the whole neutrino producing linear accellerator.

Keep in mind, also, this is a "still to be built" project.  When the funding is there, it will be built using the parameters that our computers have fine tuned.
2004-11-19 13:21:08
Thankyou.  You have all been most helpful Smile
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