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2004-11-17 13:35:59
Hey kids,

I keep getting a checksum error when I try to send results.  All results are from v4.41f. Any suggestions?
2004-11-17 13:39:10
Well I reintsalled over the old program and it seems to work now so never mind I guess.
Stephen Brooks
2004-11-18 07:34:29
Appears to be that when you don't have a lattice file corresponding to the results you're trying to send, Muon1 assumes the checksums are wrong.
2004-11-18 11:14:35
I guess this happened because when the latticefiles.txt gets updated the old unused lattice files are deleted.  Your results.txt will still contain simulations that you do not have a lattice file for (anymore).  A small bug...
2004-11-21 15:40:28
That's not a bug all the ChicaneLinacB90 are simulated until 1200ns.
[DPC] Kwelgeest
2004-11-22 07:32:08
ah oke,

i thought it was...

Stephen Brooks
2004-11-24 09:05:03
The checksum rejection bug in v4.41g has now been fixed.  I wasn't aware v4.41f had it, as I thought it was just a consequence of me forgetting to link the secure module after I rearranged the code from f to g.
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