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Bas van der Veeken
2004-11-20 13:18:36
I created a utility which you can use as a sort of shell around muon1.exe in the Command Line mode.  All information is on and then on the left side there's a menu item called MuonCMD.  It allows the commandline version to be hidden into a tray icon which will show the number of points you have when you mouse over it, and other things.

Tell me what you think!

OK.  This isn't _actually_ Bas posting this.  This is Stephen Brooks.  I just wanted him to post a link to his program on my message board so other users could check it out.
Stephen Brooks
2004-11-20 13:19:07
So check it out.  Big Grin

[edit] You may know him better by the name "Animatrix" I guess.
2004-11-22 11:01:58
It's really good except for one thing: It blocks me from connecting to the net while it's running.  IE just freezes up and as soon as I shut the utility down it works fine.
2004-11-23 19:25:03
Stephen, Should MuonCMD work with 98SE?
2004-11-24 03:46:56
Hi, AniMatrix here.

There are some known issues with MuonCMD.  That its not working well with Windows 98, Muon1.exe will be started, but MuonCMD will not be able to detect this... I think Windows 98 does not support an API call I use.

I really would like to fix this if I got some time to work on this.

More priority is going to the AutoFlush feature when I got time.  So you put in an URL and MuonCMD will download the dates of the MF's and will AutoFlush on the given dates.

I didnt received this as a 'known issue'. I will look into this, MuonCMD is not using anything now that will use any part of IE thing.  Please send me a mail so I can contact you a little better.  Got to my site, and then to the MuonCMD site and click on the link at the end of the page.  Then you got the good subject too.  Thanks.
2004-11-25 02:59:50

I think I figured out what the problem is.  If I go on the net, the muon client will try to upload my results.txt as soon as it's finnished the result it's processing because it's generally more than 24 hours since I've been on the net.  Sometimes though I'll log off beforehand.  Then the client tries to establish a connection but can't because I've pulled the cable (I use an extension phone lead as my computer is a long way from the nearest phone plug thing)

Anyways, the client in the backgrouns is still trying to pull up a net connection while I in the foreground am trying to do the same thing and it freezes.  It's actually shutting down the background muon client that unblocks my IE access, not your utility.

Sorry for the mistake

2004-11-30 02:38:26
Hi watching again

It's ok Smile

Still didn't get any time to work at MuonCMD.  Doing things for school e.d.

Hopefully before the year ens

2004-11-30 17:58:17
AniMatrix, no prob's.
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