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2004-11-24 15:27:45
Would it be possible to merge my two users (excaliber[] and excaliber[Free-DC]) into my main account (excaliber[])?

Its messing up some third party stats that I use.  Thanks Big Grin
Stephen Brooks
2004-11-25 08:14:20
OK then.  That should appear in the next stats update.
2004-11-25 18:47:38
Thanks Big Grin
2004-11-30 09:19:55
Stephen, can you please my accounts [DPC]RoyalFlusher and [DPC]Team Switch~Royalflusher into [DPC]Team Switch~Royalflusher?

Thank you!
Stephen Brooks
2004-12-01 06:56:20
OK then, I've merged those.
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