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Lord Groundhog
2004-12-02 03:33:03
2004/12/02, at 10:47
This story from the BBC South CEEFAX page 167:

"Duck therapy for troubled boys

"Troubled youngsters are being encouraged to enjoy a newly-opened duck pond as part of their therapy. 

The pond and a chicken-run were designed for boys living at Thornbury House children's residential home in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.  ..."

Ah, that's better.  The headline for this section (on p. 160), "Troubled Duck therapy for teenagers", was a little more ambiguous, leaving me to wonder if veterinarians had discovered that teenagers were the ideal way to give therapy to troubled, perhaps delinquent, ducks.  (See the thread, "Parenting skills: deficiencies and delinquency" elsewhere on this board.)

The headline also neglects to point out that chickens as well as ducks have this therapeutic value. 

It must be the BEAKS -- counting "bills" as a kind of beak. 

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