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2004-12-09 10:09:55
If results.txt is lost, is it OK to copy results.dat to results.txt and upload?  Will duplictae results be discarded by the results server and valid ones be accepted?
Stephen Brooks
2004-12-10 03:06:48
Results.dat might be a bit large: try copying just the last bit of results.dat into a result.txt (the bit you think you lost).  And then send that.  The stats counter will remove the repeats.
2004-12-10 08:19:20
Time-stamping in the results.dat would be cool Wink

Any suggestions as to how to judge where to cut off the .dat files?  None of the machines had uploaded for a couple of weeks so the cutoff point is kinda hard to determine?
2004-12-11 02:57:56
In the end I uploaded the lot.  The problem was caused by a corrupted USB drive which lost two million points worth of results harvested from the farm and trying to work out where to cut off 22 different results.txt was not appealing.  The combined results.txt formed from all the results.dat files totalled 310MB and a 45MB .bin upload file.

Your duplicate results checker worked perfectly awarding me the approximately two million Mpts that I was expecting.

Thanks Stephen.  Your project has some really cool features.
Stephen Brooks
2004-12-14 07:42:21
All we need now is USB sticks that don't corrupt after being used a few hundered times Smile
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