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2004-12-17 04:34:08
Hi again!

There are two more bugs in the game now.  It seems that the statistics aren't done correctly after finishing a game.  The numbre of games won on the left of the percentages rises if I win, but the percentage remains the same.  In the small pop up that shows the games that are counted for the stats, the number of games won also remains the same after winning...

Another bug that maybe the reason for the bug mentioned above, is a huge amount of php error messages in the ""game won" screen...

You should review your code again - maybe some paths aren't right anymore...
2004-12-17 19:03:46
hey why you are at it rework the game so the players can see the other icons dropping as it happens in"real time" without
haveing to click on the boards
the player could just sit there and watch.
I know you have the red light, green light
way of indicting when the current player has the next move although
this would be really neat and
would make the game more fun and give it a bit more of "uptodate" game feel.
Take care and good work on the game BROWSERWARS WARS WARS wars
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