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2003-08-19 08:05:14
Hi Stephen,

could you please check the stats and the ftp-poller ?


2003-08-21 03:19:10
He is on holiday maybe
2003-08-21 11:32:18
So we are on cold turkey Wink

I'd say more, but I can't reach the keyboard from the floor.
2003-08-21 22:12:25
This is getting old.  I'm about to pull the plug.
2003-08-21 22:17:12
This is getting old.  I'm about to pull the plug.

Considered that myself.  Much more often at the moment.
2003-08-22 01:56:36
i already pulled the plug, after Stephen himself said that it was probably better to wait for version 5 ... ("For now I'd recommend going onto other projects for the time being (at least on the majority of your machines), and I'll of course update here when the v5 stuff is sorted out.  ")

i'm folding proteins now Smile

2003-08-23 11:46:27
Problem is finding a suitable project.

Seti@home - considering the machine they retired in 1991 (the META) is capable of doing the work of SETI@home in realtime... also they're using the only non-aimable scope in the world, kinda makes you wonder if its anything but a big publicity stunt - I used to support them ina big way.  However, RC5 - theres no point to this, all the reasons they give for doing RC5-72 are the same ones they gave some 4 years ago when they started RC5-64. OGR - I offered to do OGR completion last may, by hand if need be, they didn't care, and after an analysis (abhelt brief) of their client, it seems it doesn't even do an exhaustive search, only doing node-gaps of 99 r less, at least from when they started until the start of this year, not heard anything about it being fixed yet.  Add in that several of the core staff migt be going to jail for criminal mischief (they chopped down a big oak and left it there in Austin, Tx) and the fact that they don't really care, it seems, about any more, prefering to work on UD instead...

What decent ones are left?  The cure for cancer ones?  they change things on a whim, who rmembrs when all of a sudden they started looking at anthrax, despite anthrax being extremely well known (it was looked at for weapons purposes in WW2, and has been occuring since the 1700's to my knowledge) and some of the clients are either unweildy to use, or don't do basic things like cope for multiple CPUs.

There's always GIMPS, but then again, there always WILL be GIMPS (as in Great internet Mersenne Prime Search)

Personally, I'll stick with this, verification isn't useless, especailly as I have just set some new copmuters up, with blank clinets, and intentionally given wide ranging initial start conditions, to make sure that no local locks are done.

Liverdyne Robotics

Stephen Brooks
2003-08-23 14:31:57
It ought to be working now - or at least, these stats are being updated.  It went off for I think 3 or 4 days because I was literally on holiday.  None of my programs failed: what did go down was one of {our router, our cable connection}. After coming home and cycling the power to both units, it reconnected and started updating the stats again.  Sorry about that.

It doesn't make any sense: that's why they call it "virtual"
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