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2004-12-18 04:21:32
It seems that the samples that are currently posted causes DPAD to crash.  File seems to be corrupted.
Stephen Brooks
2004-12-19 11:45:21
They _were_ corrupted a while ago, but now I've fixed it, so when I look at it is fine.  Try deleting your corrupted samples and running Muon1 again so it'll redownload the new ones.
2004-12-20 22:41:21

I've always manually enter the samples.  Your posted rar archives are fine and will work.  HOWEVER: Its the text file that has problems.  If you copy a sample and add to the results.dat it crashes DPAD.  Something you are doing differently is causing the problemn.  Normally, I just use the text file and not the rars.  But I can use the rars with no problem.  Just extra steps in my case.
Dave Peachey
2004-12-21 04:04:48

I've noticed the same problem and have correlated it with the comment raised by Meloentje in this thread.

My resolution to this problem is manual intervention as follows:
- open the "text" file in a new browser window
- "file/save as" a text file
- edit the text file in Notepad to take out extra space at the end of all the lines (not sure if this is a problem but ...)
- check for instances where the data crosses more than a couple of lines (some times the second line is split onto a third line!)
- add back in the missing and labels as appropriate
- save the text file and insert data into the results.dat file

I'd also comment that Norton Personal Firewall 2003 doesn't, as a default, allow me to read the contents of the manually downloaded text files - they download as html pages NOT as text files!  - so I have to disable NPF whilst I open and save the file.

All-in-all a longwinded resolution to an issue which has only appeared with Stephen's reworking of his web site structure!


EDIT (14:24 GMT): Oddy enough, I noticed that this mornings (10:37 GMT) text file seems to work if you "right mouse click/save as" and change the file extension to .txt from .htm - the missing atributes are included in the text file version although they don't appear on-screen in the .html!
Stephen Brooks
2004-12-21 12:05:23
Looks like it's transmitting the file as text but giving it the MIME type of HTML.  I didn't think it would cause any problems but I guess I'll have to get the script to transmit the correct type for the extension it's serving.
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