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2005-01-03 16:23:26
im having problems using the opera 8 beta... it says unknown browser in the game, and wont even allow me to access these forums!

i dunno if you want to wait till the stable version comes out, but just so you know Smile
2005-01-07 12:52:40
IP address(es): /

User agent string: Opera/8.00 (Windows ME; U; en)

Homogenised form: opera800(windowsme;u;en)

Detected as: UnknownBrowser

Looks like you'll have to add a new team...
Stephen Brooks
2005-04-10 10:29:32
OK so I'm going to give you a choice: you can either have the understated yet stylish

...or I can continue the tradition of doing stupid things with the O and the version number, with this one

[edit] 3 months later and it's STILL in beta?  Oh well.  Maybe we'll have fewer bugs.
2005-04-11 01:22:31
I prefer the first logo, but since i don't use opera (but FF), it would be good to have opinions from opera users too.  Big Grin
2005-04-15 07:35:03
I use Opera but only the 7.54. I don't know yet the new version.  The beta version is only for Windows, not for Linux.  Confused
I think it will be great.  The version 7.54 it's very, very good.  For me, it's probably the best browser of the world.
2005-04-18 08:31:41
Looks like the 8.0 final version of opera is available, without the "b" tag.  Smile
2005-04-19 08:09:54
It's out now.  And I was really confused when I placed a marker only to have a duck come up Frown
2005-04-20 09:38:38
Good!  Me too i have my duck now.  Wink
2005-04-24 00:45:51
I like the first one.  The second one looks a bit too awkward.
2005-04-27 06:39:33
I like the first one better as well.
2005-06-12 14:43:44
When will this team be up?
Stephen Brooks
2005-06-18 12:41:24
Is it up now?

[edit] Yes, it is.  I'm USING it, it just reminded me.
2005-06-20 13:10:14
Great, good to see a new team !  Thanks.
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