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wirthi [Free-DC]
2005-01-10 13:24:31
This is no real bug report, and it's not either a complaint. 

I've not done any work for this project since I guess a year ago.  I've not even installed the client on any of my machines any longer.  Just out of curiosity I just checked the teamstats and I saw I last sent in results 33 hours ago!?

Well, what's happening?  Somebody crunching with my username on his flag (that actually happend to my account on find-a-drug recently)?  Did I forget a machine somewhere (since I installed the client on a machine outside my house I don't think that's the case).  Is it a flaw in the stats?

Stephen, I guess you can't give away the IP-Address of the user sending in results for me but is there any way for you find out what's going on here and telling me?

My internet-connection is provided by Telekom Austria (AOnline or short AON) and I usually got an IP-Address like 62.47.*.*, sometimes 80.121.*.*

Thanks for any information!
Stephen Brooks
2005-01-11 01:41:23
All I can tell you is that the phantom client is running v4.31b and lattice SolenoidsOnly.
wirthi [Free-DC]
2005-01-11 08:27:29
Hmmm .. thanks.

I still got no clue what machine that could be.

Guess somebody anonymous likes me and wants my stats to improve.  Bad thing he does not upgrade the client to a never version though.
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