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Stephen Brooks
2005-01-17 12:39:17
Just this last week or two I've been running simulations on a particle-production code to find out which is the best energy for producing pions.

It turns out the 2.2GeV we've been using could be improved a lot.  I will distribute 30GeV datasets and lattices in the coming months.

The reason this wasn't done before is that we didn't have the right code installed and it took the best part of 6 months last year getting it installed, debugged and then compiled under the correct version of GCC.
[SG]Santas little helper
2005-01-18 07:40:31
So, does this implicate that the actual designing was for low or is there a chance to "rescue" (good) designes for the new version?

[SG]Santas little helper
Stephen Brooks
2005-01-18 09:28:06
No one is sure yet.  The work we've done so far will be useful in disproving the case for 2.2GeV if we get much better optimised results for 30GeV.
2005-01-18 09:35:48
When do you foresee us getting some new lattices and datasets to play with 30Gev?  Big Grin
Stephen Brooks
2005-01-20 08:01:18
March-ish.  Could be earlier or later depending on the mallards.
Yasu Matsuda
2005-01-20 09:20:09
I have been assuming (pion yield)/(beam power) does not have strong energy dependence.  I actually it will be worse at higher energy because channels to make other particles start to appear.  I have been too naive...

I'm looking forward to hearing from you about GEANT4 result.
Stephen Brooks
2005-01-20 10:07:14
That was the conclusion of CERN nufact note 70. However, I'm not sure I agree with that analysis, since they cut the pions on an energy range but with no regard to what direction they were travelling in!  Basically, it does not take account of the fact the pion beam becomes more forward-directed with increasing proton beam energy.

The thing about there being more kinds of "unwanted" particles produced at higher energies is true (in note 70, it was about 50% worse at 16GeV than at 2.2GeV).  But in my work I got that 15GeV produced at least 2x as many good pions as 2.2GeV, so it's worth going to higher energies.
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