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2005-01-29 11:00:54

are there Linux console clients avaiable?  I can't find any Linux clients but a German website says "there are linux clients avaible", but theres no URL!

Christian Petri
2005-01-29 17:55:54
There has been a linux port a long time ago, of an old version.

Right now, you can run the windows client using wine.  I've heard that works pretty well.
I vaguely recall reading something about running the CLI client in screen, but I'm not sure about that.

I have no experience with wine or this client on linux, so all this info is from what I've read.
2005-02-01 12:51:53
yup, got it running smoothly.  Wine crashes sometimes, but keeping in in screen, there isn't even a need for X Smile

Just install wine, download the latest DPAD client en run it using the moun1_background Smile Simple as that... even got a perl script somewhere so you can keep track of the Mpts...

The only problem i have is sending the results back, that still costs some time with downloading the results.txt and merging it with my own...

Good luck!
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