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2005-02-14 01:19:09
i've worked as "pfuender" now i'm a team.
can you merge "pfuender" & "pfuender [SwissTeam.NET]
" and delete "pfuender"???
Stephen Brooks
2005-02-14 07:57:00
OK, that should happen in the next stats update or two.`
2005-02-15 01:27:25
thanks a lot!!!
2005-05-04 23:34:08

I have tried to send 4 results.  But i got a message who say Muon1 could not find "results.txt". I created a new for every file and test to send this morning.  To my surprise the results was succefully sent.  But when i washed [AMD Users]Lagu i wasn't there.  Can you please create this manually and merge the results.  The sendlog is as this:

20050505-060000 8 results sent to
20050505-060449 28 results sent to
20050505-060725 97 results sent to
20050505-060923 38 results sent to

I could not send these 4 files because they all have their own Notepad file as this:


I don't know if I have done something wrong.  I have not delete these 4 files because I need them again.'

Thank you so much
2005-05-05 07:37:39

I was to quick to post my message.  At last all seem to work and the upload works and my name and my stats is in AMD Users.

Best regards
Lagu Smile
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