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2005-02-25 18:48:11
ok i downloaded ChicaneLinacB90_100.txt file and instead of putting it in /latices i just opened the old ChicaneLinacB.txt file, deleted all info from it, and copied the contents of ChicaneLinacB90_100.txt to it....but when running muon it still says "Interpreting lattice file 'ChicaneLinacB'... Done" so what did i do wrong and what do i need to do to fix it?  thnx
2005-02-25 20:26:01
You need to add the flie in itself, not just the contents.  So, you create an extra file.
2005-02-27 21:50:20
It sounds like you downloaded the seed results, not the lattice file itself.  You use the seed results by pasting it to the end of the results.dat file.

The easiest way to get your installation completely upgraded (if you don't have version 4.41f) is to send your results, then redownload the whole thing and then copy over results.dat, results.txt, user.txt, and sendlog.log . I wouldn't copy config.txt, becasuse it sounds like something's wrong with it automatically updating.

If you don't want to redownload the whole thing, you can also edit this line in config.txt:
Update lattice files from web every N hours (0=don't):  1

... and then run the program again.

If you really really want to, you can download the lattice file from and save it to the /lattices folder.  You'll also need to edit the latticelist.txt file and add "90" between "ChicaneLinacB" and "PhaseRotB". Warning: there's an invisible letter between the two (the left/right arrow keys will reveal this) - you want to add the 90 *before* the invisible character.
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