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2005-03-25 03:35:04

I´ve loaded and runned the program, asking me to choose a username so i did.
Now looking for my username on the projectwebsite i´m unable to find my name in the listing,..
Is there a place to create some account ?
Where do my result stay are they comitted to my name or just lost in space ?

2005-03-25 09:42:22
Look for a *.log file in the client directory.  If there is none, you have not submitted any results yet, and are thus not yet in the stats.  If there is a logfile, paste the contents here, and we may analyze them.
2005-03-25 15:50:15
Hi MOOH Smile

No,.. there is no .log file in the client directory.  There is an result.txt - user.txt - config.txt and latticelist.txt

Muon Cockpit tells me i´ve got 11 results
The config.txt file say´s auto send result (Y)

Any other idears ?

2005-03-25 16:01:31
yes, just wait

Alternatively, run manual send this once
2005-03-25 16:13:39
Patience isn´t my thing Big Grin
So i used the "manualsend.bat" file !!
Didn´t noticed that it was there,.. thanks for the tip.

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