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Stephen Brooks
2005-04-11 09:01:51

When LHC starts producing data in 2007, substantial data-flows of
several Gigabits/s will need to be streamed between the CERN Tier-0
centre and the tape robots in each of the Tier-1 centres.  To prepare for
these unprecedented data rates the LCG collaboration is carrying out a
series of "Service Challenges", the most recent of which (Service
Challenge 2) has just been successfully completed.  Over a two week
period data rates of 700Megabits/second were sustained between disk at
CERN and at the GRIDPP Tier-1 at RAL, overall over 60Terabytes of data
were transferred.  This is already a substantial achievement, but over
the next year LCG intend that data rates to each of the Tier-1s will be
ramped up to 2Gb/s sustained to tape with 72 hour burst rates of up to
4Gbits/s. RAL is already well placed to meet this challenge, the disk
service has already been loaded tested to over 3Gbit/s (4 disk servers)
and being highly modular can easily be extended (the Tier-1 has 60 disk
servers at present).  Work is now underway to prepare for Service
Challenge 3 in July when rates to disk will increase to 1.5Gb/s and
0.6Gb/s to tape.

You can find out more about the GRIDPP Tier-1 Centre at:

and more about the LCG Service Challenge at:
2005-04-13 04:40:57
But will that speed up my download from iTunes?
Stephen Brooks
2005-04-15 04:40:54
According to this article, maybe, maybe not...
2005-04-17 20:42:54
In that case, I'll only download Disco.  Nobody would care about that, would they?
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