New Computer Gaming Initiative / Technical Information

NCGi d.2a was programmed in C using the LCC-Win32 compiler for the 32-bit Windows environment.   It makes use of the DirectDraw component of DirectX to plot the graphics at a resolution of 320x200 with 256 palletised colours.   The animation is done by writing the next frame to a region of memory and then quickly copying the frame over to the actual visible DirectDraw 'surface'.   I have written my own bitmap drawing function rather than using the hardware 'blitter'.

In more recent versions, I have increased the resolution to 640x480 and have implemented a few timing features which mean that the game plays with roughly equal speed on all machines from a P100 upwards.   Of course, on the slower machines you get fewer frames per second, but that is compensated for by the objects moving a larger distance in each frame.

Minimum spec? I don't really know, but it'll just about run on a P100.   I'd recommend at least 150 MHz, though, and a P-II-400 or equivalent if you want it to run as smoothly as possible.   I think the game only requires about 1MB of RAM at present, so that is not an issue.   Disk space is not a problem either: less than 1MB again, even decompressed and with the computer generated [.cgf] files created and stored.   You can even run NCGi direct from a floppy disk, although I'd recommend slowing the autosave down to once per 30 seconds or more to prevent annoying delays due to disk access time.

Well, that's about it for now.   Please contact me if there's anything else you were wondering about in the way of specifications for NCGi.

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