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2004-06-03 19:23:12
This has happened with the new 4.41b on both my machines.  I exit muon1 to do something else, and it searches for an autocli.sav file upon resuming muon1, but says 'none is there'. Looking in the directory, there is the .sav file, plus I know I exited during a simulation that was autosaved twice. 

Is this a known problem?  Quite a serious one, dont want to loose potentially good simulations!

Also note, muon1 commandline.bat is set to load ChicanLinacB using 'muon1 -c ChicaneLinacB.
2004-06-03 20:35:39
Ok, removing the ChicaneLinacB worked, it reads the autosave now.  Though Ill have to go back to my old way of running one project type: deleting the lattice files Frown
2004-06-06 07:21:30
The .sav file may have been from a phaserot or solenoids run.  If you set it to run only the chicane, it will ignore a .sav from a different type of simulation.
Also: Not all .sav files are the same.  the background, command-line and full clients all use different .sav files.  For example, a auto.sav from a command-line run will not be recognized by the background client.

Background - auto.sav
Command-line - autocli.sav
Full gui client - autogfx.sav and crarray.cgf
2004-06-06 12:45:51
Well, yes; though It cannot have been from a different project run since I have specified it only to run chicane. 
I also ONLY use muon1cmdline.bat to run muon1. Never touched anything else.
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