stephenbrooks.orgMuon1 Distributed Particle Accelerator Design

Muon1 Distributed Particle Accelerator Design

Here you can use your own PC's idle time to simulate and design parts of a particle accelerator.  Simply extract the (full version) archive below to a folder on your disk, create a user.txt file with your name in it and put a shortcut to muon1_background.exe in your Startup folder if required.

For Linux, good results can be achieved running Muon1 under Wine, available via MacPorts or Fink for the Mac.

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Milestone 90 million coming up
Milestone 60 quadrillion coming up

    // Utilities

Muon1Bench - Monitors results.dat size and logs the increase in Mpts and rate over time.  How to use...
Results2CSV - Commandline tool to convert result files into CSV format for analysis in other programs.
Muon Results Viewer and its successor Muon Cockpit by [SG]Herb - A flexible Windows tool for manipulating and sorting Muon1 results.
MuonPlayer - Plays back animation files recorded by Muon1, if the '.anim' extension is assocated with 'muonplayer.exe'.

    // Sample Results Files

100-result sample file for optimisation Linac900Ext4Xc2 (text file, 67KB; binary file, 16KB).  Updated 2016-May-23, 19:46 UTC.  How to use...

100-result sample file for optimisation Linac900Ext8Xc3 (text file, 102KB; binary file, 20KB).  Updated 2016-May-23, 19:47 UTC.

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[A screenshot][Another screenshot]

Above: The Muon1 main simulation.  Below: The results histogram from muon1viewresults.exe.

[A screenshot of a graph]

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