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2004-06-20 19:50:35
Yesterday I submitted about 13,000 Mpts and got credited with only about 6,000. Today I submitted 5,500 and only about 2,000 came up on the stats.
2004-06-21 03:40:46
Yup, that happens quite a lot lately!!!
Stephen Brooks
2004-06-21 08:12:54
It looks like my latest bugfix fixed a different problem than this - it actually fixed the 'hours since last active always registering zero' bug.  I am now debugging it again to see when it is dropping results.
2004-06-25 10:41:48
Hi Stephen,

Did you find anything?  It is still hapening
2004-07-26 23:57:22
Hi stephen

I am missing +- 15-20 k of results

This is on of th missing uploads:

20040726-152441 48 results sent to

User name: [DPC]scoutlink DPC Force~chivedev (and chicedev)

4 sets of uploaded points where not counted can you please look at this?
2004-07-27 00:31:17
20040726-152407 13 results sent to
2004-10-01 17:30:23

It's still happening, I lost 3000 odd on my last submission.  Any idea what's going on?
2004-10-02 06:33:11
You're seeing points posted?  The stats page hasn't updated since 9/30 at 21:10 for me.  I'm new to the project and just figured the stats box was an up and down machine... how are you seeing your points total?  Thanks.

2004-10-02 15:37:59
I'm not seeing points posted either.  It's just that the points I'm complaining about were submitted before Sep 30.

Apparently Stephen Brooks, the guy who runs this project, is away and so the stats won't be updated until Monday.

Happy Crunching,
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