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Browser Wars

The issue of which web browser is the "best" has caused some quite heated arguments in the last few years.  This page attempts to settle this once and for all, in the time-honoured tradition of holding a Connect-Four tournament.
Choose one of the eight boards and then click on the arrows to insert your symbol into the columns below (it will fall to the bottom of that column).  The objective is to get four of your browser symbols in a row before anyone else does.  Hit the refresh button occasionally after you've played to see if anyone with a different browser is playing at the same time, or, if not, come back a while later.
The current total scores are available as a tab-separated data file at
You can also chat with other players in the Browser Wars Forum.

Displaying combinations played at least 1 2 5 10 20 50 100 200 500 1000 times.

2-player games: (3548)

ChromeYahoo!  Slurp 2120-26 (3)   ChromeMozilla 1252-18   ChromePale Moon 76-0   ChromeGoogleBot 20-0   ChromeOpera 12 18-0  

3-player games: (952)

ChromeMozillaYahoo!  Slurp 548-0-0 (2)   ChromeMozillaPale Moon 179-7-0   ChromeMozillaUnknownBrowser 61-0-0   ChromeGoogleBotYahoo!  Slurp 52-0-0   ChromeFireFox 2nPale Moon 39-1-0 (1)   ChromeFireFox 6nMozilla 26-0-0  

4-player games: (218)

ChromeMozillaPale MoonUnknownBrowser 79-8-0-0   ChromeFireFox 2nMozillaPale Moon 70-0-0-0   ChromeMozillaPale MoonSeaMonkey 43-0-0-3  

5-player games: (81)

ChromeMozillaPale MoonSeaMonkeyUnknownBrowser 70-0-0-0-0   ChromeFireFox 5nFireFox 6nMozillaPale Moon 11-0-0-0-0  

6-player games: (37)

ChromeFireFox 5nMozillaPale MoonSeaMonkeyUnknownBrowser 21-0-0-0-14-0  

Total 5301 games recorded.

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