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2007-05-10 13:08:17
Hello Stephen,

For some reason our subteam, [DPC]NGS, has been moved into a new team.  Do you know why this happened?

And can you put us back as subteam of [DPC]

kind regards,

Stephen Brooks
2007-05-11 11:11:04
Moved into a new team - on whose stats page?  I don't think it is a separate team on mine.
2007-05-12 23:00:07

It really is on your page, else I wouldn't ask you of course
2010-03-27 21:53:29
since a long time the 2 sub teams of DPC has been listed as an own team in your statslist, could your remove them from:

[DPC]Universal Creations,,

sorry for the kick of this 2 year old toppic
Stephen Brooks
2010-03-28 00:49:09
No, they are listed as sub-teams.  My script detects when one team's name is a substring of another, so [DPC]'s users and points include those of the two sub-teams as you can see here.

What you might be asking is: some other stats pages use teamids.txt off my site and treat them as if they were separate teams?
2010-03-28 12:09:35
yes thats correct.

but the strange thing is that only those 2 sub teams are listed in

all the other like:
Team ColdFusion
Team Switch
are not listed over there, so why are only those 2 sub teams listed because it isn't necessary.
Stephen Brooks
2010-03-28 20:15:06
I think I listed those teams because they asked me to, or mentioned it on the forums.  What I could do is provide a "simpleteams.txt" file that does not include any subteams (or rename my existing file to complicatedteams.txt and change teamids.txt which I think would fix your problem?)
2010-03-28 22:59:38
as far as i can see that would fix the problem, if you make a sepperated file simpleteams.txt i could let that changed in that statsgen  so that other statsgens  who has a workaround for this doesn't effect that.
[Edited by [DPC]white_panther at 2010-03-28 23:00:05]
Stephen Brooks
2010-03-29 17:33:49
OK, try downloading /muon1/simpleteams.php, which is dynamically generated from the other file but excludes subteams.

I added the other DPC subteams to the original list as well.
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