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Frog Houses

On June 26, 2003 I decided to cut a hole in a shallow bowl and then bury it upside-down in our garden at a slant, so that the hole acted as a kind of door for frogs to get inside.  This picture shows my one on the right, with the rock on top, and my mother's attempt at the left, which is actually a bit more complicated than it looks (it looks like a square rock) because there is a sideways flower pot semi-buried behind there to act as the main room.

At the bottom of the picture you can see the edge of our pond.  We decided the things were too exposed, so placed a large hosta plant in front of them.

Perhaps we'll get snails living in there if nothing else.  Here's another picture that goes around the back of the plant to show both houses again.

We haven't seen any frogs actually in these houses yet, but I might take some photos of the frogs and put them up here anyway, because everyone likes frogs.

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