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NCGi 3 Starfield

I was asked to make a screensaver out of the starfield that appears behind the rolling credits in the game NCGi 3, so I did, and here it is.  The main reason there is a demand for this program is that the default Microsoft starfield screensaver is foul.

Copy files into your Windows folder to install.

Press Q or Escape to quit the program.

> Try it now! - press open/run if the browser prompts you (Windows 8 sometimes requires you to click 'More info' first).

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NCGi 3 Starfield (.7z file, 13KB; zip file, 15KB).
Use 7-Zip to open .7z files, WinZip files (less compression) provided for compatibility.

- - - [Screenshot] - - -

NCGi 3 Starfield

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