This was an attempt to create "first-person Tetris" because Tom King said it would be a good idea.  You use the mouse to look around, ASD to move the block and W/Space to rotate it.  I later realised this is not genuinely first-person because to do it properly you would actually have to be the block.  Press Q or Escape to quit.

If you download the program it will log scores in scores.txt.

> Try it now! - download and run the EXE file (Windows sometimes requires you to right click, 'Properties', 'Unblock' first).

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Tubetris (.7z file, 190KB; zip file, 216KB).
Use 7-Zip to open .7z files, WinZip files (less compression) provided for compatibility.

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- - - [Scoring] - - -

A single row cleared scores 1 point.  Completing two rows at once (i.e. with a single block) scores 5 points.  Three simultaneous rows scores 25 points.  The maximum possible is four rows (a "tetris"), which scores 125 points.  The relatively steep increase in score value reflects the fact each row consists of 20 squares, double the number in conventional Tetris and hence multiple full rows are harder to get.

- - - [Trivia] - - -

This game was made in 2009 but was only uploaded in early 2013 after I watched this video, which I got to after watching "Numberphile" videos.

Despite looking cylindrical, the game grid is stored in a perfectly square 20×20 array.

Initially the blocks fall at a rate of one square per second, accelerating at the rate of one square per second per two minutes.  Pressing the down key gives 5× this speed.

My high score is currently 502 (in 18 rows), which fairly obviously came from getting 4 tetrises.

If you run the "try it now" version, the scores.txt file will probably be produced somewhere in your browser cache.

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