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New Computer Gaming Initiative

NCGi is a computer game that I have been working on in my spare time since June 1999.   This project has no formal specification or final target: my aim is only to continue to improve this game indefinitely.    Since I had to start somewhere, the first two versions (distributions 1 and 2) are essentially a variant on the classic arcade game "Asteroids."   The developer's version, however, shows signs of evolving into something rather different as I add games-within-games.

I was hoping to complete distribution 3 by June 2000, but the game became more complex than I anticipated and the code for it essentially unmanagable.    This lead to updates finally petering out in March 2001, but I've learned a lot from working with NCGi 3 and plan to make a fresh start programming NCGi 4 some time later this decade.    Distribution 4 should include OpenGL 3D graphics and its code will be somewhat more structured than previous versions but not to the exclusion of the wierdness present in NCGi 3.

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