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The existence of this utility takes some explaining.  Encouraged by the availability of the free BMP2PNG program for automating conversion of bitmaps to PNGs (just search Google), I naturally searched for something called "BMP2JPG" when I needed it.  Such a thing exists: more than once, in fact, but the first one you find on Google is being sold for $99 a copy.  Now there's nothing wrong with selling such a utility, but $99 did seem a bit steep to me (I would have bought it had it been only $19, since it would have saved me a few hours).  The next thing I ran into was a program by Tomoaki Misaki, which with or without his consent had got out onto the web at large, and I downloaded it to find that it did the job!  However it was last updated in November 1994 and this lead to some undesirable features:

Therefore: bmp3jpg was written as a wrapper program to call BMP2JPG in such a way that everything is fixed with duct-tape and wildcards work as I wanted them to.  I also took the opportunity to add a "delete originals after encoding" commandline switch and a couple of others that rescale the image before turning it into a JPG, should you want thumbnails or suchlike.  All other switches are passed through to BMP2JPG and the help screen, which you get by running the program with no arguments, is a team effort between the two programs.  The 'scaling' feature was a slightly wicked thing to add on my part, since I'd copied the idea from the web page of the people selling the $99 version...

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bmp3jpg and BMP2JPG (.7z file, 38KB; zip file, 42KB).
Use 7-Zip to open .7z files, WinZip files (less compression) provided for compatibility.

To use as a commandline utility, place both the EXEs in your windows directory or system path.

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