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File Raptor is a utility to remove various irritating files and directories that certain Windows programs produce on your hard-disk.  It does this simply by scanning all the paths listed in the text file 'prey.txt' and recursively deleting any files or folders that match one of the paths.  Warning: I have had to reinstall Windows because of accidentally having 'c:\windows\*.*' in the text file, so use this software with caution.  To see what my prey file currently contains, click here.  Other features include:-

Update (2005-Apr-07).  FYI: this article implies you should add some folder to do with Macromedia Flash Player to your prey.txt file if you want to be rid of tracking cookies.  My best guess is that the directory in question is "C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player".  I will edit back here if doing this messes up my browser...

Update (2004-Nov-21).  Raptor can now be called from the commandline with arguments that are lines in the same format as in prey.txt.  In this mode, Raptor quits after it has shredded the requested files.

Update (2004-Aug-25).  Added the path wildcard feature and also changed the way it handles deleting entire directories.  Before this point, 'dir\*.*' would delete the outer directory as well as the files inside, 'dir' would do the same, and 'dir\' wouldn't work at all!

Update (2003-May-03).  Shredding functionality added.  In fact I programmed the basics of the shredding code back in 2001, but didn't complete the project because the non-deletability of index.dat files confused Raptor's algorithm.  Fortunately I found a workaround.

See also: for a more comprehensive free Windows "junk remover", take a look at Crap Cleaner.  They've recently added shredding functionality too.

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Raptor deleting things

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