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Dendrite Growth Simulation

Simulation of a dendrite growing from a solution that solidifies on contact with any solid material (see also: Brownian tree).  Use the mouse to rotate and left/right buttons to move forward and back (Shift and Ctrl increase speed).  Press Space to toggle plotting of solute cubes, which can be time-consuming.  Press Q or Escape to quit.  The config.txt file specifies the domain size and initial amount of solute.

> Try it now! - download and run the EXE file (Windows sometimes requires you to right click, 'Properties', 'Unblock' first).

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3D Dendrite Simulation (.7z file, 47KB; zip file, 57KB).
Use 7-Zip to open .7z files, WinZip files (less compression) provided for compatibility.

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3D Dendrite Simulation

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